Saturday, August 05, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have 2 more weeks of classes. Thank Goddess! I can't wait to be DONE!

Instead of working on "Wolf Song" as I intended to yesterday, a little romp of a short story popped into my head. I wrote it out entirely, getting the first draft done about 1:30 this morning. It's called "Kitten" and it is another Kinsmen vampire romance. I'll be sending it to Venus Press for their 'confessions to venus' line when I am done editing it. I'll have to type it first. I wrote it out instead of typing it. I wish I had a laptop, then I could be more mobile and efficient when I write.

Speaking of Venus Press, I'll be doing an online 'chat' with them Sept. 21 at 2pm on line, if you folks want to come over and give me a friendly voice in the crowd, I'd appreciate it. I'll tell you more details when I know them. I have a 1 hour chat slot. I'll be giving away a copy of "Always" to someone who signs up for my yahoo group between now and the end of the day of Sept 22, when the mega Venus Press Summer Blowout ends.

I start my new job Monday. I'm a bundle of nerves over that, but it should be good and actually give me more writing time, which is outstanding.