Thursday, August 03, 2006

Typed and Printed

I'm exhausted. I typed out the parts of "Redemption" that had been handwritten in a flurry of fingers over the keyboard. It come out to 70 pages. Wow, much longer than I expected. I think it might reach novella length (19,000 words) in the next couple drafts.

But, first, I want to finish the first draft of "Wolf Song." I'll be rereading Chapter 1 during my lunch break and then getting down to business on that fella this afternoon.

It feels so good to be writing steady again. I'm anxious to get these short peices done so I can get back to Dance. The story has been moving forward in my head and I hate to let it get too far ahead of me.

On the agent side, I calculate that the submission should have reached her by now. This means I can start the worried watching of the mailbox for a reply. The life of a writer is spent with constant anxiety about mail. Did anything writing related come today? Is it good news, or bad news? Is the mailman holding out on me? Did he deliver it to the wrong address? Every day I try not to tackle him and riffle through his bag looking for my reply envelope. Most days I succeed.