Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Getting Close to 'The End'

I am halfway through Chapter 14. I think original Chapter 15 will be deleted. The climax is taking too long. So Chapter 16 will become Chapter 15 - that is the last and resolution chapter.

The loss of word count will be saved with a few sections I want to add earlier in the story.

So I need 1 1/2 chapters to finish the story. Then I will write up the sections for addition earlier in the story. Finally, the first draft will be done and editing/rewriting can begin. I forsee getting to the revisions by this weekend. I will probably need to add 2-4 pages a chapter in the re-writes to hit the word count.

I have some story plots rattling in my brain, dying to get written. I want to get Her Dangerous Promise all nice and done and sent out so I can write the next thing.


Also, I checked the re-edits for Always. They are not going to be bad, so I am going to work on that this week, too.