Monday, February 06, 2006

Oh, my goodness!

My editor chat is in less than an hour. I think I am going to barf my Fruity Pebbles all over this keyboard. I am soooooo anxious!

I finished Chapter 12 yesterday. I've been too nervous to work on the story today. I have been getting homework and studying done instead.

The only major 'yikes' will come if she asks for the full manuscript. Then I will have to take off some time from work and get it done. I have not even considered that she might not want to progress to the next step and ask for at least a partial manuscript.

I went ahead an wrote up some responses to questions she might ask and have them ready in a word document to cut and paste into the chat room if needed.

I'll report right away with her reply. The chat is scheduled for 1:10pm EST today.