Monday, June 06, 2005

Frozen Brain Cells

I have noticed that sometimes surfing the web can actually freeze up my brain when it comes to writing. I thought I would do a little surfing to unwind before sitting down and getting some writing done. I heard the new Harry Potter movie is coming soon, and so I did an innocent search to find out a little about it. I ended up on a fansite that looked interesting. I read several pages, including the job openings and stupid e-mails pages and that zapped me. So many stupid people wrote in to the site for stupid reasons that I think I may have lost some brain cells just reading their letters. And any thought of applying to work at a site (unpaid, no less) where any idiot can go to unload their stupidity just boggled my mind.

And Harry Potter is such a great series of books and movies. I find it so sad that not everyone can see the magic and beauty and just accept it. (Or reject it, and move on quietly without having to vomit up insults.)

As a writer, film maker and artist myself, I know how delicate the process of creation really is. I understand now the comment, "Pearls before swine." Why should writers and artist work so hard and cast their wonderful creations to the masses when so many of them are just ...ugh!

I guess the work should be done to satisfy the artist first. And then shared with the hopes of reaching people who will enjoy it. As for those that don't, can go to.... :-)

I feel a little better now. Sorry to rant.