Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Trolling for a publisher

I searched the 2002 writer's guide for mystery publishers. I'm giving the agent query (to Kimberley Cameron) more time before checking for other agents. While I'm waiting for her response, I intend to submit Complimentary Murder to publishers. The only larger publisher in this year's guide that said they would consider unagented manuscripts was Forge, so that is my target.

They respond in 4 months and want to see the first three chapters and a synopsis. I want to revised, one last time, the entire manuscript, but I will focus on the first three chapters and sent that and work on the rest while I'm waiting to hear back from them.

I prepare for this final go-round on the manuscript I have been reading a lot of mystery novels lately, especially the Southern Sisters mysteries by Anne George and the University of Michigan mysteries by Susan Holtzer. Both are excellent and humorous.