Sunday, September 15, 2002

I know...I know...

I should be working on A Tangled Web right now. I have made progress on it these past few days. I have more than half the stories and roleplaying notes done for the NPCs. I still need to finish those up and make two security guards NPCs.

I have been surfing the internet a little looking at more RPG writing guidelines. I know I promiced myself as soon as this RPG game was done I would take a break to finish my revisions on Complimentary Murder and work on the first draft of PSI Emergency. Gurps Traveller suppliment wishlist is calling my name though. I may have to do a proposal or two for them. Plus, I enjoyed writing for the NAGS Society game and for Pariah and could envision myself working on more suppliments for them.

Well, I'm not doing any of it until the current work under contract is complete and submitted, so back to work!