Thursday, June 27, 2002

Making great progress

I'm rather pleased at how much I'm getting done these past few days.

I just finished outlining the original version of CM. I see what the editor at Avalon meant about 'the body' not showing up soon enough. It doesn't make an appearance until chapter 10. Most mysteries will bring out the body right in the first chapter. I'm reading Murder Crops Up by Lora Roberts and she brings in the victim at the end of chapter 4. My goal is to rearrange and revise to bring my 'body' in before chapter 4.

I also am reworking several other story elements. 1) I'm changing the location so that it takes place in the main character's hometown. 2) I'm cutting the whole main character is a writer angle. 3) Instead I'm making her the owner of a new age shop.