Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Back to work

I've got a tiny 210 word start on Chapter 35. So far it is coming well but other distractions keep pulling me from the computer.

The minor revisions for Dead Sea Murder shouldn't be very much work. I'll probably try to start working on those later tonight.

For my next project (after the first draft of PSI Emergency is complete and if no submitted projects have been accepted yet) I'm thinking of writing a paranormal/gothic romance to send to Love Spell. I've begun to do the preliminary research for both the story background and for Love Spell's style. This would be another case of genre jumping for me. At present I have completed a mystery and fantasy novel. I'm working on a science fiction thriller. The submitted sample to White Wolf is horror. And now a romance. You'd think I'd pick one or two and settle down wouldn't you? Nope! Not me! I like change.