Wednesday, May 22, 2002


Over the weekend I managed to outline the last revisions for Dead Sea. Getting them typed and e-mailed is on the agenda for tonight.

I've read all the source material I have for the White Wolf games, and have picked Changeling: The Dreaming as the one I will submit to. (Yes, I know I dangled my participle. Consider it local color.) I wrote two sample scenes, one dark and one light. I started a nonfiction sample to include as well. I have the draft of the query done. Once I finish and print out the submission I will let it 'cool' for a few days before double-checking it. That is also on the to-do list for tonight.

More mental Greco-Roman wrestling over the current writer's block on PSI Emergency this weekend. I have been zooming in on better and better ways to handle the current scene, by mixing it with the last chapter. Writing/rewriting rounds out my goals for tonight.