Saturday, December 22, 2001

Thank You Holly Lisle!

I was feeling pretty good about writing this evening. I've been on a writing high lately. Then I went and did the worst thing (in my opinion) that a writer can do. I starting think about which publisher I wanted to send this novel to once it's done.

I started visiting websites of publishers and BLAM! They shot my writer's heart with the shotgun of rejection. How? By having hard to find writer's guidelines that essential say, "Don't send us anything. We wouldn't publish YOU anyway, so don't waste our time or yours."

Not only that, but all the books on their site were from well established authors who write NOTHING like the things I write. I could already hear them saying, "Your story is not for us. You are not for us. Go away now."

Feeling really bummed out, I surfed over to Holly Lisle's website. Reading her articles has helped in the past. This time it took three articles, two about writer's block and one about writer's passion, to break the evil spell the publisher's websites had cast on me. Thanks to Holly, I feel up to sitting in front of a blank computer screen and weave a little word-magic of my own.

Thank you Holly!