Monday, December 03, 2001

In my mind I imagined the editor at Avalon Books receiving my manuscript on Friday, taking it home over the weekend and spending all day Saturday cuddled up on the sofa with an iced tea and my book. On Sunday she would finish it up and write an evaluation of it for her bosses, giving it a glowing report. (Hey, it's my fantasy.) Then on Monday she would stop by the editor-in-chief's office dropping off the manuscript and report. The 'chief' would read the first and last chapters and the report and tell my editor. "Okay, call her up and make an offer."

I waited by the phone all day.

No one called.

I'm not discouraged.

I do think I'll hear from them before the end of the year one way or another, either with a call to discuss buying the book or by returning my manuscript with a rejection letter.