Wednesday, July 07, 2004

A Good Start

I've got a good start on the next sub-section of Psionics Institutes. It took a few days of research through my Traveller source books, but I finally have enough background information to complete this part. Much of this information will cross over into the next sub-section, so I hope and plan to have both sub-sections done by the weekend. (And in the process complete my David and Goliath word count goals for the week.)

I'm not sure if the Harlequin's contest will actually be worth my taking the time to do it. The prize is a critique by one of their editors of a romance manuscript, but I don't have one done.

Some info I came across yesterday on a website for a management company clued me in on a tidbit. They want folks who have written at least 4 feature scripts for their script readers, so I think that might be the magic number to tell them I have when I ask for representation. That's another thing to work on once Psionics Institutes and Complimentary Murder are completed. I do have several script ideas in mind. I also think I'd like to approach one or both of the management companies looking for script readers, it might be a backdoor in, if only they will let me do it online. (I can't move to California.)

I'm going to listen to Space Cadet (see sidebar) and work on PI now.