Sunday, June 20, 2004

Ah, A Day To Work

I have had a quiet day, which I have been putting to good use. I typed up the section I wrote a while back for Psionics Institutes, and discovered than 4 tighly handwritten pages translates into about 2000 words, which is how long each section must be.

I have begun typing in the old changes I made to Chapter 5 of Complimentary Murder. I think that besides Levitation and Psionics Institutes, both which are on deadlines, that I will just concentrate on Complimentary Murder.

So PSI Emergency, which need rewriting, and All Night Long, which is only a few pages into the first draft are on the back burner for now, along with screenwriting.

I have been alternating between typing and surfing the website at to read their writing advice and guidelines. That has been my 'reward' for working on the typing chores. I find I have to work in baby steps and give myself little rewards when I am in a cluttered state of mind.