Monday, April 05, 2004

Day Of Submissions

Mondays are my 'day of submissions'. I am eager to sell a script (or two, or three) and since scripts can be submitted to multiple places, I've made Monday my day to find good homes for my scripts.

So far this morning I have sent an e-mail query to 3AM Pictures about "Remember Me".

I have a few more places lined up to send queries to, and I am going to review my list of production companies and start making notes about what kinds of films they are looking for.

I am on page 63 of "War Paint". I am making progress, so I don't feel too bad about missing my self-imposed deadline. I'm writing it out long hand, so I still have to type it, and that often stretches the page count as well.

I also have to contact Rogue Publishing and let her know I am reviewing her suggestions.

And I'd like to hit Traveller's Log and finish up this 'chapter'.