Wednesday, May 29, 2002


Well, I just got the e-mail about the playtest. The game took longer than the planned time, so they will continue on Friday. So far so good. She gave me a blow-by-blow, but I'll just sum it up for you.

The game has two parts, the first involves finding the murderer of Sister Francis, the second is the search for the Dead Sea Scrolls in the caves near Qumran. The gamers are using the characters I provided and have begun the search for the killer. They havn't found the murderer yet but have collected many clues. The game ended just as the characters are heading off for Qumran.

I giggled as I read the account. I kept thinking, "That's my adventure! I remember adding that twist. Tee-hee!"

So no revisions are needed so far, but the game's not over yet!